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Mikey the Monkey

Hello and regards,

Here is my first story that I am podcasting. Its called Mikey the Monkey and is a lesson for children on the dangers of ignoring your parents' good advice. The story has already been enjoyed by several children I know, and I hope that many more will like it too!



Hello and regards,

Welcome to my podcast of flash fiction.

What is flash fiction? Wikipedia gives a good definition.

I love flash fiction, as you can explore ideas in storytelling in miniature. Often I prototype a larger story or novel with a flash length story, to work through my ideas and check that they work, or whether I need to develop the ideas further. I also enjoy flash fiction because of its length, allowing you to enjoy a story or idea within a few minutes, rather than devoting an hour or more as you can do with some short fiction.

Listening to various podcasts, I have been inspired to begin podcasting myself, hence this podcast. I hope you enjoy the fiction that follows!